A Day on Set of PP2 (Long)


Okay so this happened in the beginning in the month, I just never got a chance to write a post until now! So here it goes!

So my morning started early. I had to get checked in by 8am and get my “costume” approved by wardrobe (which was really fun). Then I met with the casting director personally and he told me that I was all set and ready to go.

I filled out my forms and blah blah blah. I met some really cool people in the process. Then all the extras were told to go into the room where we were filming. The specific scene was set at a Volkswagen car show. There were really cool cars and I met a woman who actually works for the company and now I want a VW! (Off topic).

It took a little while for everything to get set up and whatnot. The camera crew had me walk into some frames while they shot a little bit. But ultimately they had me placed in the center of the room talking to the woman who works for VW.

Where they had me placed, I was standing literally 5-10 feet from Anna, Britt, Alexis, Hana, Kelley, Ester, Rebel and everyone! It was so freakin’ cool! And Elizabeth Banks is perfect she was amazing. Just so happy and positive!

Yes, there was Sendrick! Britt said something funny and Anna laughed out loud (her laugh is precious) and made a funny face. They were all so perfect it was surreal. We did 18 takes and it took 7 hours! And by the 17th one Anna mimed her brain blowing up. It was so cute!

Then lunch! It was actually really good! It was Alexis’s daughter’s birthday that day so she came into the holding room and had everyone sing happy birthday in a video for her. I waved to her and she waved back at me! She and all the others are so pretty in person!

After lunch is when I could leave and then that was that. I wrapped on being an extra my first and favorite film of all time. It was such a great experience and I’ll never forget it.

If you guys have questions, feel free to send me an ask! :)

Anonymous said:
were you on set this time around too? are there any good stories you can share? of the anna and brittany variety? :)


only four days unfortunately

it’s almost impossible to keep up with their schedules and travel down to locations when you have school and stuff

i think anna may have a thing for turtles (and for acting really grossed out whenever britt kisses her “noooooo, stop it” how adorable is that?)

as for good stories i’m 100% sure they’ll talk about the turtle one in interviews! a little bird told me you’re gonna be v happy with how the actors are paired up :)

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